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Equipment Archive

The BIO Oceans Association, in collaboration with the Regional Director, Science (DFO), the Regional Director Oceans (DFO), and the Director, GSC(A) (NRCan), are attempting to preserve some of the history of BIO. As part of this endeavor, the Association is collecting artifacts, such as equipment developed at BIO or under contract to BIO, and also some of the "tools-of-the-trade" used by BIO staff ashore and in the field.

This Equipment Archives 1963-2013 catalogs the inventory of items that have been used in the past by BIO scientists, hydrographers and engineers and collected to date. Accompanying this list are photos and short descriptive notes about most of the entries. We would appreciate receiving corrections or additions to these notes and contributions describing items that are not yet covered. Please send corrections or additions to the attention of David McKeown at

Last Modified: 2018-01-23