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Bernard Pelletier Arctic Fossil Forest

On the Map: Plantings will be in two raised beds in the BIO courtyard which will represent the flora that existed in the Canadian High Arctic during the Cretaceous (100 ma) and Paleogene (40 ma) eras. Paleontological studies have revealed that lush forest existed at high latitudes (~80 N) and persisted through tens of millions of years, contrary to conditions today. Species include Gingko biloba, Bald cypress and Dawn Redwood.

About Bernard Pelletier: The BIO Arctic Fossil Forest will be named after one of BIO's original scientists who worked here in the early 1960's. He was a pioneer in Arctic scientific research, leading some of the earliest investigations of Canadian Arctic geology, notably geophysical studies in the Beaufort Sea during the year-long Hudson '70 circumnavigation of the Americas.

Bern passed away May 20, 2013 in Ottawa at the age of 89. It is in remembering Bernard's adventurous and fearless spirit, along with his work in the Arctic and his efforts to help paleontologists find Triassic fossils that BIO names this "fossil forest" after him.

For more information, see pamphlet.

Last Modified: 2018-10-26