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History of the HMCS/CNAV Sackville

December 2021

This impressive collection of documents was assembled over several years by Keith Manchester and scanned by Borden Chapman. These documents focus on the career of this research vessel after World War II:

  1. Chapter 5 (Oceanographic Service) from HMCS Sackville 1941-1985 by Marc Milner (1998) - an excellent book, which covers her history from construction to restoration
  2. Photograph
  3. Photograph
  4. Photograph
  5. HMCS-CNAV Sackville Oceanographic Research History by Keith Manchester
  6. Sackville Oceanographic History Website Addition by Keith Manchester - includes a list of cruises
  7. CNAV Sackville Oceanographic Research Cruise List 1951 to 1975 by Keith Manchester
  8. Some Highlights of CNAV Sackville as an Oceanographic Ship for the Atlantic Oceanographic Group (St. Andrews, NB and Halifax, NS) by Neil Campbell
  9. Memories Aboard CNAV Sackville in 1960-61 by John Lazier
  10. CNAV Sackville Memories by Keith Manchester
  11. CNAV Sackville Geophysical Studies by Keith Manchester
  12. CNAV Sackville Marine Geological Studies by Doug Loring
  13. Sackville Memories by Don Gordon
  14. General Description of Biological Cruise (author unknown)
  15. Mackerel egg survey-Gulf of St. Lawrence 1972, Sackville Cruise 72-018b, by Timothy Lambert
  16. Sea King Helicopter Recovery by Dave McKeown

Last Modified: 2022-01-11